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Coming March 2021!

About Barrage Fantasia

A girl named Herb who claims to be a great witch lives in a poisonous swamp on the outskirts of a faraway country.

One day, a red jewel is stolen from a shrine under her control.

Herb escapes the swamp for the first time in order to recover her jewels.



・An adorable retro SHMUP with 5 stages + 3 challenges.
・Arcade mode that lets you play through 5 stages in a row and a short mode that allows you to play any stage you choose.
・Training mode lets you choose to skip to and play through part of any stage to practice to even further perfection!
・16 different regular and 4 challenge bosses.
・Challenge different bosses, each with their own breakable parts for maximum score attack.
・Vary your play style with multiple different combinations of Familiar Attack types, Bomb settings, and Life settings for multiple replayability.
・Simple and unique graphics and fun music to match.

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