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Kamio Recoil is Now Available!


A unique exploration shooter, where you propel yourself through zero-gravity with every shot! Play as an assembled squad of five girls equipped with Spirit Arms as they maneuver through intricate areas and blast away the yokai invasion in order to defend the world.


Press Stamps into the paper-flat background...


And create new platforms across wide gaps!


In the year 20XX, an army of yokai equipped with the latest technology and weaponry attack the human population and spread chaos across every corner of the globe! To fight against the mechanized monsters, a squadron of 5 girls with special powers have been assembled. The only way to end the invasion is to enter subspace and destroy the yokai commanders! Master the spirit arms to defeat the evil yokai and restore peace to the world!

Key Features

  • Zero-Gravity Exploration and Shooting.

  • Weapon Recoil-Driven Movement - Propel yourself through zero-gravity with every shot!

  • Five Unique Spirit Arms - Each with a primary and secondary fire.

  • Classic Retro Inspired Challenge - Primary fire consumes HP. Labyrinthine stages. No revives.

  • Maidens in Space! (And Other Places) - Six varied areas, each with multiple branching paths.


A dramatic story with expressive characters.


Uncover the mystery of the Origami World.

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