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Kamiori is Now Available!


Kamiori is a puzzle game based around folding paper. Use your fairy helper's magic powers to fold the world of paper. Create platforms with stamps or find them hiding beneath the sheets. Change the world around you with a single swipe!


Press Stamps into the paper-flat background...


And create new platforms across wide gaps!

Story Mode

  • Solve puzzles to recover Kureha's memories and advance the story.

  • Find out what happened that brought her to into the origami world.

  • Use a number of special tricks exclusive to these stages!

Trial Mode

  • Collect all of the Magatamas to clear each stage and unlock harder ones.

  • Perfect those who want a pure puzzle challenge!


A dramatic story with expressive characters.


Uncover the mystery of the Origami World.

Illustration: 白蜜柑,つちくれ
Programming: Lolo,Mitsu,Isemito
Sound: Nino
2D Graphics: Mogumo
Animation: Taisan

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